Meet MedTec Fulfillment Solutions

MedTec Fulfillment Solutions is part of the Shearer family of companies, focusing on specialized solutions for the medical device and technology industry. We are an ISO 13485 certified business providing contract manufacturing, assembly, kitting, and distribution services. In operation since 2012, we are a leading employer known for our employee-first culture, innovative solutions, and global partnerships. We are proud to be a flagship enterprise in central Pennsylvania.

A History Of Transportation Excellence

The Shearer family business began in Pittsburgh in the early 1900’s, as the movie industry was becoming popular in America. To meet the growing demand for transport of film reels to local movie theaters, the Shearer company provided cartage service (land transportation) of these delicate, temperature-sensitive reels to movie theaters throughout Pittsburgh.

With the advent of air transport, our business grew accordingly, with shipments coming in via PanAm and other major airlines of the time. We became experts in air transport, clearances, customs brokerage and more. This expertise in shipping grew into the wide variety of services that the Shearer family of businesses now offers today.

Evolving In A Competitive Landscape

Keeping with the Shearer family tradition, MedTec Fulfillment Services was born out of a need in the medical device industry to have a supply chain logistics partner who can maneuver through the complex supply chain and logistics landscape that exists today.

As markets continue to evolve, we’ve taken on new competencies and developed capabilities in pick, pack, and ship as well as testing and quality management. Our ISO 13485 certification allows us to be a key element in our customers’ supply chain operations and provide services such as:

  • Final-mile delivery of medical devices to consumers and hospitals
  • Validation and verification of wearable services
  • Management and tracking to ensure compliance with trial devices

We offer practical knowledge on how inventory moves around the world and can help you navigate the complexity involved in this process.

Through proper analytics, testing, validation, and design in both engineering and supply chain, we’ll help you reduce the risk of error and build resiliency in your commercialization process.

Learn how we can meet your company's challenges.

Our Ground Service Advantage

Efficient distribution strategies are at the heart of our enterprise. Instead of one facility handling multiple logistic needs, we have operations across the US. This infrastructure means ground-service improvements across the nation. Clients can expect 1-2 day fulfillments versus our competitors’ 4-5 day standard.

Meet Our Team

Deborah Shearer


Deborah Shearer, BS,EE, serves as President of MedTec Fulfillment and Director of Engineering and Program Management at SEKO MedTec Solutions, the Healthcare Vertical Division of SEKO Worldwide. Deborah is an electrical engineer with an extensive experience in quality systems, process improvement and program management and has been in the specialty logistics space for more than 15 years.

Robert Shearer

Managing Director

Rob serves as Managing Director of MedTec Fulfillment and Managing Partner of SEKO MedTec Solutions, the Healthcare Vertical Division of SEKO Worldwide, as well as SEKO BWI/IAD, PIT and ROC. Rob has been in the logistics business for more than 22 years and has been focused on Healthcare Logistics, Distribution Optimization and Lean processes for the majority of his career. He received his BA from Duquesne University and did his graduate work in Economic Development and Public Policy at Gannon University.

Trent Beck

Production Manager

As the production manager for MedTec Fulfillment Solutions, Trent is responsible for the company’s manufacturing and warehousing divisions. Trent has 25 years of experience in operations, logistics, maintenance, planning, and continuous improvement in FDA-regulated ISO13485 manufacturing facilities.

John Traxler

Director of Quality

John serves as the director of quality for both SEKO MedTec Solutions (SMTS) and MedTec Fulfillment Solutions (MTFS). He is responsible for maintaining ISO13485 and FDA 21CFR820 compliance at all of the SMTS/MTFS sites. John has 20+ years of experience in quality, continuous improvement and operations in industries such as mining and construction equipment, steel forging, aerospace and defense. He is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a certified manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), and a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA).