Highly Collaborative Solutions

MedTec Fulfillment Services provides quality-managed, customized solutions in supply chain, packaging, testing, and validation to medical and technical device manufacturers of all sizes and stages of business.

We consider each customer a partner, and our engagements are highly collaborative. We take care of getting your product to your customers so you can focus on the product development and branding side of your business.

When To Seek A Partner

  • Start-up entering the market
    You have great ideas and a product ready to bring to market. But you lack the infrastructure needed to package, warehouse, and ship it.
  • Reconfiguring an existing product
    Your existing warehousing and manufacturing facilities aren’t optimal for producing and stocking your new product build. There may also be new issues with regulatory compliance, depending on your configuration.
  • Business is expanding rapidly
    When you’re growing your business, it can be difficult to predict your market penetration and how successful your product is going to be. As your business changes, you can find yourself needing to expand your physical footprint — and fast.
  • Selling through a major retailer
    Shipping through major third-party retailers requires you to be knowledgeable and compliant with their specifications for labeling and packaging. If you’re not aware of these specifications it can cost you, in terms of fines and delays in getting products to your customers.
  • Your business is based outside the US
    When you receive FDA approval but are based outside the United States, finding a vendor that can provide a US-based infrastructure is a critical component of your company’s future development.

Top 5 Reasons To Partner With MedTec Fulfillment Solutions



Real-world experience

With more than 20 years in the supply chain industry, we bring solid proof-of-concept experiences and insights to your project.

Reliable & repeatable processes

We develop and document field-tested processes that allow you to dependably and repeatedly package and ship your products.

ISO 13845 certification

FDA compliance means class A warehousing facilities designed for white-glove handling of high-value medical technology and electronics.

Leading-edge inventory management

Have unsurpassed product visibility across transit and on the store shelves, so product recalls and inspections can be addressed quickly.

Risk mitigation

You can count on us to be the experts in packaging, shipping, and labeling. We’ll account for potential risk scenarios in your supply chain, and handle any issues that come up on your behalf.

Improved Service

86% of shippers said the use of 3PLs has contributed to improved customer service



What To Expect When You Partner With Us

Bespoke Solutions

Through our discovery process, we’ll take the time to understand your unique business challenges.

Quality Assurance

Utilizing our quality management systems and regulatory compliant processes, you’ll have a defined program that meets industry standards. We’ll work with you to meet regulatory requirements and advise you on quality best practices, incorporating them into every step of your production and design process.

Flexible Facilities

Shared use of our regional distribution centers means you only pay for the warehousing space you need. It allows you to expand your space and labor as you need to, and shrink when you don’t need it, giving you the most efficient cost model possible.

Engineering Expertise

We offer supply chain, packaging, and production engineers and technicians all under one roof. We can ask the questions you might not have thought of, and perform the analytics needed for data-driven decisions in your process.


We build a documented training program specific to each product launch and our staff will train your employees on crucial processes including labeling, product requirements, kitting and packaging, product handling, and more.

Learn how we can meet your company's challenges.

“We greatly appreciated all of the guidance and expertise as we grow into new markets and expanded our product offerings. It is a true partnership.”

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