Real-World Expertise For Your Packaging Solutions

MedTec Fulfillment Solutions has been developing customized packaging for our customers for more than 15 years. Equipped with an ISO 13485 Quality Management System, we bring a unique skillset to the development of packaging.

With freight forwarding being a core part of our business, we load and unload crates and cases every day. We know what works in the real world, and we integrate this knowledge and experience into every unit we design.

Packaging To Go The Distance

Whether you are a start-up bringing new products to market or a well-established business looking to refresh your current products, there are a number of reasons why it pays to pay attention to your packaging:
  • Navigating the management of recurrent inventory can be tricky, and designing reusable packaging takes a high-degree of expertise in the industry
  • Many young companies don’t have the in-house infrastructure to design and build customized packaging
  • Product engineering is only one part of your go-to-market process; you’ve built a great product, but how do you ensure it gets to your customer in one piece?

Mitigate Damage, Reduce Cost

In a marketplace where shipping products lightning-fast is necessary to stay competitive, it’s common for packaging and product damage to occur in transit.

Shipping through major third-party retailers requires you to be knowledgeable and compliant with their specifications for labeling and packaging. If you’re not aware of these specifications it can cost you, in terms of fines and delays in getting products to your customers.

Many times our customers find themselves asking, how can we reduce transportation costs without the risk of damage during handling? It’s a complex question to answer, one that takes practical know-how and a creative, customized approach to packaging design.

It takes the kind of solutions you’ll find when you work with us.

We Design With Your Business In Mind

We offer bespoke packaging design in a highly collaborative process with you, thinking strategically about what you need, what your challenges and tolerances are. Our solutions fall into two categories:

  • Reusable packaging — for recurrent inventory
  • Consumer packaging — for single-use consumables

What makes the difference when you work with MedTec Fulfillment Solutions is our willingness to listen. We understand cost might be the bottom line for your business and we’ll take the time needed to work out a sensible solution that meets your expenditure goal.

With a wealth of experience handling customer packaging for many years, we know what works and what doesn’t. And we can find creative ways to configure materials and design to meet your specific needs.

We have dedicated machines for flow wrappers, foil pouches used extensively in consumer packaging.

Our Background Makes The Difference

At MedTec Fulfillment Solutions, we have a freight forwarding background and expertise in handling goods in warehouses, loading on and off trucks, and seeing what works on a practical level. We offer experience-backed opinions on what’s effective in package design.

While other vendors might understand packaging from an academic standpoint only, we lead the way in offering real-world solutions.

Our Packaging Services

Our experienced design team develops cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ specifications and requirements. We utilize our ISO certified Quality Management System design process to ensure the quality we deliver exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our packaging services include:

  • Flow wrapping
  • Custom inner and outer cardboard packaging
  • Consumer packaging
  • Cartonization Crating, overpacking, shipping containers, cartons, crates, reusable crating
  • Kitting: final assembly packaging that a consumer will see on the shelf
  • Consumer-facing packaging
  • Labeling: UBI labeling, 2-d barcodes, QR codes, UCC128 retail compliant labels packaging(128 and a prefix), UCC128 shipping labels typically used in shipping

Interested in saving time and money with innovative packaging design?

Leverage Our Knowledge And Experience



Reusable crating for recurrent inventory

Tremendous savings over single-use packaging assembly.

Field-tested products

Proof of concept means you can rest assured your packaging will hold up in transit.

In-house packaging design and testing services

Saves you the time and cost of outsourcing from multiple vendors.

Deep knowledge of regulatory practices and major retailer labeling and packaging requirements

Avoid fines and delays in shipping.