One Solution That Changes With Your Business Need

Our warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics solutions provide you with unsurpassed flexibility to meet your ever-changing business needs.

MedTec Fulfillment Solutions offers efficient and professional warehouse management and inventory control systems for managing, shipping and tracking your high-value inventory.

We give you exceptional visibility and control of your business, while you can rest assured that we will handle any product issues with expertise and ease.

Only Pay For What You Need

When you’re bringing a new product to market, it can be difficult to predict your market penetration and how successful your product is going to be. As your business changes, you can find yourself needing to expand your physical footprint — and fast.

Shared use of our class A warehouses — highly clean, compliant, and designed specifically for high-value products — means you only pay for the warehousing space you need. It allows you to expand your space and labor as you need to, and shrink when you don’t need it, giving you the most efficient cost model possible.

Be In The Right Place

Let’s face it, your location can significantly impact your bottom line. Lead time and transit days to get in and out of your warehouse facility can prove costly if your inventory is located far away from your client base.

With MedTec, you can take advantage of our regional distribution center model to choose the locations that best suit your business. Because we can offer you distributed warehousing at strategic locations that make the most sense for your business, you’ll achieve shipping optimization at a low cost.

That way you can place inventory in multiple locations to reduce transit time and cost, and deliver to your customers as quickly as possible.

Clean, Efficient Pick, Pack, And Ship

Investing in new products can feel like a gamble when your supply chain isn’t under control or you don’t have compliances in place. If your inventory doesn’t pass inspection or gets quarantined during the shipping process, your product development efforts will go to waste.

Our chief focus in fulfillment is providing not only efficient service but ensuring compliance with the FDA and other regulatory bodies. We are well-equipped and knowledgeable on the best methods for performing product sampling and testing to ensure your product has been made to your specifications.

Increased Demand

20% growth in cross-border e-commerce will increase the demand for modern warehouses and automation systems



Smart Inventory Management

Leveraging our data integrity and quality management systems, you will have unsurpassed product visibility across transit and on the store shelves. That way, product recalls or inspections can be handled quickly, protecting your product investment and reputation.

Our inventory control system:

  • Is highly configurable and customizable to your individual needs
  • Integrates with your existing ERP data
  • Can provide regular reporting with customized output
  • Will help identify any issues in real-time

Our Warehousing, Fulfillment & Logistics Services

We take the guesswork out of inventory management by providing solutions that meet your unique needs. Our full complement of services in this area include:

  • FDA and other regulatory body compliance
  • Warehousing facilities registered with the FDA
  • Shareable class A warehouse space
  • Network of regional distribution centers
  • Quality inspections and sampling protocols
  • Leading-edge inventory tracking and tracing
  • Data integrity and quality management system
  • Clean, efficient pick, pack, and ship services
  • Labeling
  • Kitting reworks, returns, and dispositions
  • Brand packaging

Interested in taking the guesswork out of inventory management?

Our Ground Service Advantage

Efficient distribution strategies are at the heart of our enterprise. Instead of one facility handling multiple logistic needs, we have operations across the US. This infrastructure means ground-service improvements across the nation. Clients can expect 1-2 day fulfillments versus our competitors’ 4-5 day standard.

Exceptional Visibility And Control Of Your Business



Fractional use of warehouses

Saves you the substantial time and expense of building your own infrastructure. Allows you to quickly expand space and labor as you need it.

Regional distribution center model

Choose the locations that best benefit your business. Place inventory in multiple locations to reduce transit time and cost, and deliver to your customers more quickly.

Flex space in our warehouses

Take on as much space as you need initially and then flex up or down as your needs warrant.

Quality inspections and sampling protocols

Ensure your products meet the standards set with the manufacturer.

Leading-edge inventory tracking

Reliable inventory visibility allows tracking and tracing of inventory and expedites recall processing and inspections.

ISO 13845 certification allows us to do inbound inspections and rework inventory

Not having to send inventory back to the factory results in a savings in lost time off shelves and transportation costs.