Outsourcing For Unparalleled Results

By utilizing contract manufacturing, you can outsource aspects of your operations to a vendor that usually specializes in a specific facet of the manufacturing process. While many contract manufacturers may produce one specific part or component, MedTec Fulfillment Services provides a full complement of product assembly, quality control, and logistics services.

We can help you achieve unprecedented speed to execution, exceptional agility in bringing products to market, and an unparalleled boost to your bottom line.

Contract Manufacturing To Meet Your Goals

From well-established conglomerates to small, start-up businesses, our clients all share a similar goal: bringing to market small medical devices, home medical treatment devices, or consumer electronics, quickly and efficiently.

Getting your product into the hands of your customers is not only your goal, it’s our business. MedTec Fulfillment Solutions is fully equipped to handle your unique challenges in managing your supply chain, final assembly, and product life cycle.

Your Challenges Are Our Business

Why bring in a contract manufacturer for your operations? These are just some of the many challenges we help our clients meet:

  • With your start-up business, you don’t yet have the in-house engineering or certifications to manage your full product life cycle.
  • While your warehouses and manufacturing facilities are substantial, they are not in optimal locations for your customer base.
  • Your company is based outside the United States, and creating a US-based infrastructure can be a costly and overwhelming challenge.
  • Assembly for your new product might not fit well within your current manufacturing infrastructure.
  • Increasing your capacity for new products takes time, time you might not be able to afford when trying to launch a new product quickly.
  • Your company has undergone an acquisition, and there are inefficiencies in your consolidated supply chain.

Market Growth

The medical device contract manufacturing market is expected to grow 10%+ (CAGR) between 2021-2031



We Fill In The Gaps

Whatever your challenges, partnering with MedTec Fulfillment Services allows you to focus on doing what you do best while we provide enablement, speed to product execution and speed to market. In short, we’ll take care of the headaches, allowing you to focus on your profits.

  • Final assembly and consumer packaging–we provide the expertise, infrastructure, and staff
  • A geographically optimized network of warehouses and distribution services
  • Quality inspections, testing, and validation of client components
  • US-based final assembly, packaging, quality and distribution services

We Help You Outpace the Competition

MedTec Fulfillment Solutions uniquely combines final assembly with:

  • Front-end logistics
  • Consumer packaging
  • Quality control, testing, and validations
  • Warehousing and shipping to consumer

We do all this in-house to give you a streamlined and cost-effective solution, saving you time, money, and frustration.

When you utilize our expertise and infrastructure, instead of developing it yourself, you save tremendous costs and vastly improve your speed to market. Combined with our highly efficient logistics, you’ll get your products safely and quickly to your customers, so you can ring the cash register quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Contract Manufacturing Services

While medical device contract manufacturers often specialize in a certain process or task, MedTec Fulfillment Services offers a wide range of expertise and services to realize your product including:
  • Final assembly of components
  • Consumer packaging, including flow wrapping, kitting, containerization, and custom designs
  • Quality inspections, testing, and validation
  • Engineering Support–our engineering team works with their design engineers to test and validate final assemblies, configure, and produce consumer packaging
  • Product concept and development
  • Process validation and verification
  • Highly specialized manufacturing facilities, including several multi-client, flexible use, ISO 13485 operations dedicated to medical device manufacturing
  • Global supply chain management
  • Strategic sourcing operations
  • Delivery to end-customer
  • Customer service provided by cross-functional teams

Streamlined Systems For Better Results



Final assembly and consumer packaging services

Saves you from having to do this yourself, at a tremendous cost, since we already have the expertise, infrastructure, and staff

Warehousing, physical logistics and distribution services

Empower your sales channels, save a major step in your process, and take advantage of using our infrastructure at a fraction of the cost

Quality inspections, testing, and validation of client’s components

Take advantage of global sourcing, ISO 13485 certification and FDA compliance to bring products to market in a quality way

US-based final assembly, packaging, quality and distribution services

Gives you access to USA consumers at a greatly reduced cost

Regional facilities for final assembly, strategy located close to end-point delivery

Reduces cost and increases efficiency and speed to market